How to Re-Stain a Deck without Stripping: What Should You Consider?

With the passing of the years, a deck could look terrible if there is no excellent maintenance. Even the most potent materials could break with time, and the stains will take over the zone. Are you looking for an answer on how to re-stain a deck without stripping? Then, keep on reading!

Can You Re-Stain Your Deck Without Stripping?

Yes, you can. Sometimes, we are not well advised on fixing our furniture, and we could damage instead of repairing the area. In this case, using a pressure washer to clean, wood sandpaper to smooth, and applying the stain could be helpful during this process.

Here Are Some Steps to Follow on How to Re-Stain a Deck without Stripping

steps to restain a deck without stripping

  An old wood deck does not give your terrace a good look. Some products could worsen the deck if we don’t get the correct information, and removing stains can be challenging depending on the size.

That’s why you must follow these steps on how to re-stain a deck without stripping:

  • Start by inspecting the wooden deck.
  • Use a pressure washing machine to clean the wood.
  • Smooth and sand the floor.
  • Finish off by staining the deck.

Start by Inspecting the Wooden Deck

inspection of the wood deck zone

When you have a wooden deck in your house, many daily aspects deteriorate the zone. Exposure to the sun could progressively take the color off from the deck. But there are other crucial factors like bug infestations that could crack the wood. Before re-stain, you must eliminate any infestation. Also, there exist carpenter ants that provoke noise inside the wood.

Sometimes, some wooden boards could be rotten, so you have to change them. An inspection is a must because you need to identify what is the reason for the deck deterioration. So, you have to analyze before acting to make sure that everything is ok.

Use a Pressure Washing Machine to Clean the Wood 

use a pressure washing to clean the wood deck

A pressure washing will help you to eliminate the mold and mildew from the deck wood. You should be careful because other factors, like the sun or bugs, could weaken the wood. If you have already changed all these borders, don’t worry. The best recommendation is to adapt the hose in a way that does not damage the deck.

Start from the corners to clean the deck better, and you should make two or three passes over some crucial zones with stains. If you don’t have pressure water, don’t worry because a deck cleaning machine is another fantastic option. But you must remove the dust before using the material.  The deck machine will help you to remove the most difficult stains like leaf marks.

Some cleaner could help you to rinse manually, but it will be a long and arduous process. Always remember to let the deck dry!

Smooth and Sand the Floor

smooth and sand the deck floor

Sometimes, some black stains are hard to remove, and it is necessary to smooth the wood. Also, one of the prevalent people’s mistakes is that they paint over areas in which the color can peel off. If you do that, the deck change will be a loss of time. Besides, some deck owners decide to use stripping discs for a more quick process.

Sandpaper is a great option to reach areas where machines cannot. Wood sanders are perfect for eliminating peels in the deck. This part is crucial for eradicating any imperfection in the wood that can affect the future.

Finish Off by Staining the Deck

how to stain a deck

One fact is that there exist many types of wood stains, so it is crucial to find the correct one for your deck. Besides, you have to get a roller or a brush to apply the deck stain color. Some people opt for sprayers, but it depends on the accessibility. If you don’t want color, there exist transparent stains.

Remember to cover all the surfaces, and the zone must be arid. There are some water-based stains that you can use, depending on the deck. It is vital to put the stain many times because the wood absorbs the material. Please, avoid doing this step under sun exposure. You can use tape to cover some areas that you don’t want to paint.

Wait until the deck surface is parched before putting furniture and accessories on!

Now that you answer how to re-stain a deck without stripping, you can go ahead, but it is essential to have professional help by your side. We can make your deck new again!

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