Prior to the work a

Prior to the work a site visit was made and a professional proposal was emailed when it was stated that it would. Terms were agreed to and work was done as described below.

El’s Remodeling worked in 2 bathrooms, treating them for mold and removed parts of the ceiling and installed 2 new vent fan/ light combinations. Ceiling was repaired with sheet-rock and 2 coats of paint were replied. They did such a good job that we added to the list the painting of a complete hallway and stairs including the high ceiling above. They then painted 2 bathrooms and 6 doors. They also installed a ridge vent on the 2nd floor attic. All work was professionally done at a competitive price.

One of the things that makes this business different from most contractors I have attempted to work with is that the owner did what he said he would do and he performed the work when he told us he would. 98% of the small job contractors and many of the large groups are simply unable to tell the client the truth. Many time I have been made promises of proposal and visits and they never show up. Didn’t even bother to call and say anything.

This business is not like that. On time and professional work is their standard. God bless them for that.

Call El’s Remodeling if you want something done professionally and on time.

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